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an open letterBLOG: An open letter from Chernobyl to Fukushima, written by Dr Iryna Labunska, scientist and radiation protection adviser to Greenpeace, and someone with a very personal experience of Chernobyl. April 2017



ecological farming 7 principlesPOSTER on ‘Ecological Farming in seven principles‘, presented at the FAO Agroecology Symposium in Sept 2014, is published on FAO web-site. March 2015


33eZT9VxBLOG on the opportunity for agreement of Marine Protected Area status for the Arctic Sea Ice within the North East Atlantic region at the Biodiversity Committee of the OSPAR Convention.  March 2015 


33eZT9VxBLOG on tropical deforestation affecting rainfall, and therefore agriculture. January 2015



33eZT9VxBLOG on publication of “GM Contamination Register: a review of recorded contamination incidents associated with genetically modified organisms”. November 2014


33eZT9VxBLOG on release of “Smart Breeding: the Next Generation” report on how marker assisted selection conventional breeding is a better plant breeding tool than genetic engineering. October 2014


33eZT9VxBLOG on FAO Symposium on Agroecology and presentation of a poster on ecological farming principles. September 2014



33eZT9VxBLOG exploring the issues of transparency and independence which surround the position of EU Chief Scientific Adviser (and making it clear once again that Greenpeace is NOT anti-science). July 2014


33eZT9VxBLOG on the interactions between climate and forests. March 2014



33eZT9VxBLOG describing Science Unit technical note on the Ecological Effects of Forest Fragmentation. March 2014



33eZT9VxBLOG highlighting and explaining new technical paper which describes how mature trees take up more carbon than younger trees. January 2014



33eZT9VxBLOG on Science Unit Report “An Impending Storm” detailing links between forests and weather patterns. December 2013